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Mike Tremblay "Self-Confessed Bush Rat Strikes Gold"

February 13, 2014, Sudbury Mining Solutions Journal

He first staked property in the Borden Lake area in 1987 and continued to work it for a total of 17 years between other jobs. He held the property from 1987 to 2000 and re-staked it in 2006.

As the years went by, Tremblay did claim staking, line cutting and geophysics on contract and lived in Timmins, Matheson and Wawa. While working with his partner Jack Robert on a diamond discovery they made near Wawa, they'd drive right by the Borden Lake property on their way home to Timmins.

"I'd turn to Jack and say, "You see that island out there? There's gold on that island" just to bug him," said Tremblay.

Then the price of gold starting climbing "and we thought we'd better go have a look at it."

Finally, in 2010, they talked Dave Palmer, president and CEO of Probe Mines, into checking it out, and the rest is history. Spending 17 years working a property in an area that geologists dismissed as not worth the trouble takes a special character. "I was always out looking at the edges of where nobody else was looking."

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